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Ecomm LiteTM
virtural Smart Strategies behind every solution - How It Worksstore-front

Simple set up, custom branded image and unlimited inventory with all the control and flexibility needed to run a virtural storefront. Ecomm Lite is built at the enterprise level, utilizes the .net framework and operates on MS SQL Server. Ecomm Lite is robust, scalable, secure and reliable.

Key Features

Custom Branded Image 

Unlimited Categories & Inventory

Mass Inventory and Image Upload Capabilities

Integrated with Social Product Sharing

Architected for SEO

Built in E-mail Marketing

Secure Client/Member area 

Take Payments & Store Customer Information

Integrated Shopping Cart

Optional Features include Classifieds Publisher and Social Simulcast

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Building Value One Brand At A TimeAuction Catalog & Marketing System

Build your auction business with Live Auction Soft - Auction Catalog & Marketing System. Drive business to your live auction with social media integration simple mass inventory uploads, unlimited images, categories and and multi-media options. Integrates with many of today's online auction environments providing the degree of availability to your auction inventory that consignors and auction participants need. 

Key Features

Unlimited Auction Catalogs 

Unlimited mass uploads of inventory and images

Multi-media including Video 

Automated Social Media Integration

Automated Opt-In Branded Email Marketing

Member Area w/ Printable Auction Bid List

Multiple On-Page Inventory Layout Options

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Building Value One Brand At A Timedocument syndication

Syndicate documents to one person or a group of people. Automated notification of new documents. Secure user accounts for storage and downloading. Archives and searchable content. 

Key Features

Documents Repository 

Unliminted Uploads, Categories, Subcategories

Automated responders 

Associate documents to individuals or groups

Automatic notification upon upload

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Livery AssistTM
Building Value One Brand At A Timedispatch system

Livery Assist is a Virtual Dispatch System that integrates online scheduling and tracking with your drivers’ mobile device. Point to Point GPS scheduling and dispatching takes the guess work out of managing your deliveries and drivers. Drivers are clocked in, out, and scheduled new deliveries based on destination arrivals and GPS location. The system can be configured with multiple drivers and zones for high efficiency in driver assets, energy & time management..  

Key Features

Point to Point Smart GPS Scheduling 

Mutiple Driver & Zones

Real Time Delivery Tracking 

Integrates with Mobile Device

Delivery Asset Management

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